Ontario Economic Update: Financial fearmongering act II

Ontario’s economic update, released today, is Act II of a financial fearmongering stunt. Act I was the line-by-line review that contends public expenditures have grown by an exorbitant 55 per cent over the past 15 years. We analyzed the out-of-context figures and coded language and described it as a frame…
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Frame job: Ontario’s review of the books is an ideological exercise

The Ontario government’s attempt to discredit the former Liberal government by ordering a line-by-line review of the books has yielded its desired consequence: framing the Liberals as out-of-control big spenders. The review, written by Ernst and Young, claims total real public spending in Ontario ballooned by 55%?over the past 15…
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Ontario election 2018: Turning votes into seats

In Ontario’s first-past-the-post electoral system, it’s not just a matter of counting votes. Here are a few things to think about that may help determine who wins—and who loses—on June 7: Geography matters Governments change when the same people vote differently, or when different people vote the same—but in a…
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Ontario budget is balanced, but province still in a fiscal straightjacket

With the 2017-18 Ontario budget officially tabled, the terms of the June 2018 provincial election have now been set — and it’s both a good and bad news story. The good news is that Ontario will go into the election with a balanced budget, which opens the door to a…
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The year as we saw it: 10 charts that defined Ontario in 2016

The experts at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Ontario office have been tracking economic developments in Ontario throughout the year. Some problems persist: the gender pay gap, social assistance poverty, the use of expensive payday loans as a last resort because traditional banks fail to serve low-income customers as…
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Payday loans and bank double standards

Income inequality is mounting in Canada, making an already inexcusable wealth gulf worse. And with wealth comes privilege — especially in Canadian banking. Low-income residents of Canada face a significant double standard when it comes to accessing banking services despite urgently wanting them, according to a survey of 268 ACORN…
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The T-word (taxes) finally takes centre stage in Toronto

The City of Toronto’s annual budgetfest debates just got interesting. After months of Mayor John Tory avoiding the T-word (taxes), a city report released today puts important tax options on the table. These options include short-term measures needed to balance the 2017 operating budget and longer-term measures to pay for…
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Cap and trade’s potential impact on Ontario jobs

This spring the Ontario Government introduced legislation that lays the groundwork for a greenhouse gas cap and trade system and is the legislative basis for Ontario joining Quebec and California in the Western Climate Initiative.?Setting emission reduction targets and putting a price on carbon are essential to combat climate change….
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